Our thoughts and opinion related to the UK, Europe, and Japan relationships and businesses.

(by: Masako Eguchi-Bacon)

Tips for a successful exhibition and how to follow up

18 Oct 2018

From the end of September through early October, I was in Japan to support collaboration between our clients OKAYA & CO., LTD (Japanese) and Crowd Charge Ltd. (UK).

This was the second opportunity where both companies exhibited together in Japan and there were some reasons why the second exhibition went so well.

Here I introduce the three most important aspects.

Cross-sector Collaboration– a case study of a UK government project

13 July 2018

Recently we have seen more scenarios where a new technology is introduced cross-industry.   EV (Electric Vehicle) is one of the prime examples, which is applied both in the Energy and Automotive sectors.

However, it is not always easy to achieve such collaborations.

Coincidence? - New One Pound Coin, Brexit, and the General Election

19 April 2017

Recently newly-designed one pound coins have been released. To my mind, this new design implies a strong will of the UK government to tackle with Brexit as a united country. And a surprising announcement from the Prime Minister Theresa May to call for a general election in June.  Why did she choose now? 

Brexit & the UK-Japanese Business – How to turn difficulties into opportunities

25 June 2016

Early morning on the 24th June, we woke up with a shocking referendum result: -  the UK will leave EU.  After a day passed, the country hasn’t digested the result yet and is still in shock.  British media have called in various experts, politicians and economists to get their views all day long.  Based on the information I obtained over the last 24 hours, I would like to mention my personal view on the influence on the UK – Japanese businesses and what we can do for the future. 

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce visit to Osaka - The vital first step and keeping the momentum going

25 August 2015

A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) has been signed between Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) and Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) in October 2014. What was the vital first step in building the relationship and how can we can keep the momentum going?

FUJITSU World Tour 2015 in Madrid– Showcase of a Japanese company working closely with local businesses

10 July 2015

I was invited to an international conference “Fujitsu World Tour 2015″ in Madrid on the 9th June 2015.    It was a great showcase to demonstrate how a Japanese company can establish a trusted relationship with local businesses and governments

New partnership between Thames Valley (UK) and Osaka/Kansai (Japan)

20 October 2014

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce signed MoU (memorandum of understanding) of Trade & Investment co-operation on the 6th October 2014