Achieving success for our clients' businesses - that is OBM's policy.

We do not limit to offering advice, but work together with our clients as a team, sharing challenges and excitement.

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We identify business and technology, connect people, and innovate business for clients, crossing borders and industries.

As a "business interpreter", we assist our clients' trade missions and exhibition in a strategic manner, in line with our client's objectives and goals.

We help by getting things done right at the earliest opportunity. 

Our research is not limited to database research but includes interviews to extract hidden information and agenda.

We provide training courses, coaching and seminars to help our clients improve communication skills and cross cultural management skills.

Organisational Development & HR

Our society is rapidly changing.  We help our clients to build an organisation which can flexibly adapt and react to technology and industry changes, whilst keeping staff members happy and motivated. Our support is not limited to businesses but to individuals also.

·       Organisational Development 

·       ーHuman Resources

·       ーLife & Career coaching for Japanese  spouses who accompany their partner’s secondment overseas

Our support is not just translation from English to Japanese.  We suggest the most effective contents according to your objectives, situation, with an awareness of the cultural differences.