Cross-cultural communications training & coaching



Sometimes a modest investment in the right sort of training can pay dividends when it comes to enhanced communication, negotiation and presentation skills. In today’s rapidly-changing world, it pays to be able to show global skills and an ability to compete with the best. 


Our strength and experience comes from our in-depth understanding both of the Japanese way of doing things and of European styles. Extensive experience across Europe and Japan underpins our sound understanding of business theory and etiquette that works in any part of the world. This can only enhance your day-to-day business administration, as well as your competitiveness in the marketplace. 


We started our training and education programmes to support Japanese people, but we have expanded this now and are also supporting local employees.


Global communication skills training & coaching

Hands-on coaching and training for local and Japanese staff designed to improve individual skills in order to increase productivity and organisational efficiency. The following skill-set programmes are designed to encourage staff to learn and interact with each other in various business situations and in the office. The objective is to generate synergy and create successful, professional teams.


For Japanese and local staff, coaching and training are available in:

 – Negotiation

 – Presentation

 – Sales

 – Team Building & Leadership

 – Troubleshooting

 – Setting and Achieving Goals and Arousing Competitive Awareness

 – Communication Management

 – Customer Care Management

 – English Communication for Japanese Staff

 – Business Writing


Cross cultural management training & coaching

Within our cultural induction and orientation programme we advise on how to understand different national and business cultures and how to communicate with business partners and colleagues from different cultural backgrounds.


The programme includes:

 – Cultural induction for Japanese delegate staff on arrival in the U.K.

 – Business culture programme for European staff conducting business with Japanese clients

 – Cultural orientation for new and existing local staff to help them gain an understanding of 

    what it means to work for a Japanese company

 – Cultural orientation programme for European staff seconded to Japan


Special programme for Japanese Managers

This programme is designed for Japanese delegates seconded to the UK there is training in managing local staff. This includes:

 – Performance management

 – Guide to UK employment law

 – Local management issues

 – Understanding discrimination and gender issues

 – Absence management