Trade missions or exhibiting overseas is not a goal but a start.  The most important thing is what you get during the visit and exhibition and what you can establish after the visit, therefore to set a strategy in advance and to follow up after the event is very important in order to lead to new business opportunities.  We have supported the government organisations and companies when they send delegations, typically to Japan or to the UK and this is the process we take.


1. We have an initial meeting with you to understand your objectives of the visit of exhibition, as well as your future plan after the trade mission or exhibition.


2. We set a strategy of the visit / exhibition, including a suggestion of visits to achieve your goal.  You may already have organisations or contacts to visit, which are also included into the plan.


3. We organise the schedule for you, considering a strategic order to visit, availability, and geographical locations.


4. We accompany your visits as a “business interpreter”, which is different from a linguistic interpreter.  According to the meeting strategy, whilst we act as an English-Japanese interpreter, we facilitate and manage the meeting.


5. On the last day of the visit, we have a wrap-up meeting with you to review your visit and discuss a plan for future.


6. After the visit, we submit a summary report on your request.