You are a successful UK or European business considering expansion in Japan. Or you may be an established Japanese enterprise looking at routes to expansion in the UK and Europe. 


Identify potential opportunities

First, we understand clients’ requirement.  It is vital that we focus on the big picture:- to understand clients’ corporate mission and strategy, as well as a specific project or requirement, in order to identify the right business / technology and potential partners for our clients.


New market entry

We provide a comprehensive support for your entry to a new market, typically to Japan and to the UK.  Starting from market analysis, we identify potential partners including the industry, government and academia, establish strategies and then implement your business in the new market.


New project

For a Japanese company who has already established entities in the UK, we can support you to find a potential business and research partner in the UK, both business and academic partners.


Technology Transfer

We support technology transfer and open innovation projects. We match companies wishing to identify a novel and innovative technology with a company or university partners who would like to find a parter to expand their business.  This includes  investment, technology licensing, and collaborative technology development.