Our experience tells us that understanding the market and the relevant regulation tends to be the area most businesses prefer to avoid or ignore. This can be a big mistake. We know that failing to understand the issues fully at the outset will raise the risk of damage to future business success, so we would like to stress the importance of ensuring it’s done right at the earliest opportunity.


Market research:- In order to support your new market entry, our market research on your behalf includes the current market size, its recent history, its likely potential, possible barriers to progress, demographics, competitor analysis, plus recommendations for the distributors and agents we believe could offer you the best long-term support.

Regulation research:- For a Japanese company, the European market looks complicated.  Depending on your business aspiration and requirement, we will conduct a regulatory research on both the EU’s and each country’s legislation. For a UK / EU company, we provide a Japanese regulation research. 

Sector specific research:-According to our clients’ requirement and their business model, we have conducted various areas of research.  The research projects include:-

Startup incubators, accelerators and crowdfinance comparison – in the US, UK and major countries in the EU

Financial services provided by mobile operators in Europe and Africa

Research on the mobile healthcare

Intellectual property strategies of major companies in Europe

Netherlands’ advanced farming and horticultural technologies and its know-how export

Industries:- Our specific areas of expertise include ICT, Telecommunications, Robotics and Autonomous systems, Healthcare, the Environment, Food and beverage and many other sectors, both mainstream and niche.

Our research method:-We conduct research by referring to various databases in English and in other languages such as French and German. We often carry our interviews to the government organisations, businesses and research institutions in order to capture information which are not open to public and also understand stories behind the scene.