Even though more Japanese business people understand English these days, we still recommend our clients to prepare sales and marketing materials in Japanese.


OBM’s support is not just translation of your sales materials from English to Japanese. Effective presentation style and materials should be altered depending upon the scenario: -  a meeting with government officials, a meeting with corporate executives, a presentation in front of an audience of 200 people. The first impression is so important.

We first make suggestions on presentation style and contents, based on your objectives, scenarios (i.e. where the meeting will be held, with whom / or where the material is used such as on a website etc.), and cultural differences.  Then, we translate your material from English to Japanese. 

Recently video content is getting more popular and effective, therefore, we will add Japanese subtitles on your promotional videos.


Our services include: -

-  Presentations

-  Flyers

-  Catalogues

-  Japanese subtitles on promotional videos