Our society is rapidly changing.  We help our clients to build an organisation which can flexibly adapt and react to technology and industry changes, whilst keeping staff members happy and motivated. Our support is not limited to businesses but to individuals also.


 •Organisation Development (Performance Improvement & Growth Programmes)

 •Human Resources

 •Life & Career coaching for Japanese spouses who accompany their partner’s secondment overseas


Organisational Development


In the midst of fast changing industries and technologies, it is vital for companies to adapt and react to such changes swiftly and flexibly.  We help our clients to build such an organisation.  We also help businesses from any industry to adopt innovation, introduce new values and improve performance, whilst keeping their staff members happy and motivated.


After we receive a query from our client, we typically follow this methodology:

1. Identify the challenges which our client faces

(At this stage, a client may not necessarily be clear about what their challenges are but have a feeling of “something is not right”.  This is a common situation which we deal with.)

2. Analyse the current situation

3. Propose solutions

4. Our client may implement the solutions by themselves or we can support our client to do so.

5. Evaluation & Review


OBM works in partnership with New World Insight Ltd.

Human Resources (HR) 




We provide HR support both for new and established Japanese companies in the UK. We don’t just provide an advice but take actions as a part of your team in order to assist you to create a team and conduct your business effectively and smoothly. Issues such as employment law change regularly, so it is important to ensure you stay up to date with new developments.




For a new company:-Our service covers the entire HR function to help you establish a new team.

 – Recruitment & selection

 – Contracts of employment

 – Contracts for contractors 

 – Employment policies and procedures

 – Terms & Conditions of employment & Employee Handbooks

 – Appraisal & incentive schemes

 – CV preparation & review


For an established company:- In addition to the same services as for a new company,

 – Appraisal & incentive schemes review

 – Contract review

 – Salary scheme review

 – Restructuring




Training and briefing are also available both for Mangers and staff members.

 – Recruitment & selection

 – Induction & Cross-Cultural training

 – Performance management

 – Understanding employment law

 – Appraisal

 – Absence management

 – Disciplinary and grievance procedures

 – Business writing

Life & Career coaching for Japanese spouses who accompany their partner’s secondment


Recently in Japan, increasing numbers of women are establishing their careers in the corporate world. Conventionally, when their husband / partner is seconded outside of Japan, in most cases, wives stop or change their career and lifestyle.  After they move overseas, it is often difficult to progress their own career due to language differences, visas, and the Japanese company’s rules, which often restrict spouse’s work.


For Japanese people in this situation, we offer coaching and advice so we can support them to


 •Continue to develop their career whilst they are abroad

 •Identify career opportunities on their return to Japan

 •Explore what they can do (not only work but study etc), considering their career plan on their return to Japan

 •Find benefits from living abroad, which will help lifestyle and career in the future

 •Embrace different cultures and customs 


This support is offered by a qualified Japanese career consultant, who resided outside of Japan for 7 years due to her husband’s work, through which she experienced various challenges and life cahnges: stopped her career, raised a child overseas, re-started her career and implemented a flexible work style (which is still rare in Japan).  This real experience made her realise the challenging situation spouses face due to a secondment of their partner.

She is based in Japan and we use video conferencing and online collaboration to provide support.