Building bridges to global success

OBM (Ocean Bridge Management) creates global business opportunities

with a speciality in Japan, UK and Europe, based on our extensive network of 

government, industry and academia.

We believe business is about people and ideas in partnership. When we connect on a human level we connect ideas

that flourish and promote sustainable growth.

At Ocean Bridge Management we work to join ideas and people from across the world

so we can best help build the bridges to success.

Business across cultural boundaries is not straightforward.

The differences reveal potential. The similarities help build bridges.

Identifying these sets up success.

Partners who truly understand the detail of how to do business cross-country are few and far between

and make the difference between success and failure.


We identify and connect successful ideas in Energy, Mobility, Health and Technology

from across the world that flourish and promote sustainable growth.

We identify insights 

into new markets

We connect people 

and ideas

We support innovation at

product and market levels


  • UK / European companies looking to expand to Japan
  • Innovators looking to collaborate with Japanese companies
  • Japanese companies looking to enter to the UK / European markets
  • UK based Japanese companies looking to find new partners for expansion
  • Innovators, start ups and businesses looking for expert help in growing their international footprints
  • Japan as a base to expand your business in Asia
  • The UK as a base to expand your business in Europe and Africa

We also help establishing an ecosystem, such as a regional tie between Thames Valley (UK) and Kansai (Japan)

to achieve government-industry-academia collaboration.


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