UK company’s entry to Japan

OBM has provided comprehensive support to an UK technology company which wishes to expand their business to the Japanese market. We undertook analysis of the market in Japan, proposed a shortlist of potential Japanese partners, created promotional materials and videos with Japanese subtitles, and established a strategy.  We introduced Japanese commercial, government and academic partners to widen widen the business opportunities for the UK company.


Trade mission from the UK to Japan

When Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a trade mission to Japan, OBM supported the recruiting and selection process of the applicants.  When a trade mission was sent to Osaka in February 2016, we worked closely with Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry to host a seminar with participants’ presentations, followed by B2B meetings. The UK Cabinet Office featured our activities in their Twitter feed including our MD Masako Eguchi-Bacon’s interviews.


UK- Japan collaboration in the Energy sector

A Japanese company wished to find a business opportunity in an emerging market of the UK Energy sector  where there was only limited public information available. OBM successfully identified the market and technology developments and potential key players by interviewing government, industry associations and relevant companies.  We suggested a business model and strategy for a collaboration between the Japanese company and a potential UK partner.


Japanese trade mission’s visit to the UK

When Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a trade mission to London, Thames Valley and Wales, OBM suggested companies and government organisations to visit, arranged meetings and had preparation meetings with the organisaitons to visit so they feel comfortable and ready to welcome the trade missions. We accompanied all the meetings, seminars and receptions in the UK as a facilitator and an interpreter.


Japanese company’s entry to the UK

OBM supportea Japanese education service company from a company registration through business development including: - office location, introduction to a bank, insurance company and solicitor, recruiting, team building and business model development.  


Japanese Minister’s visit to the UK

OBM liaised with the Embassy of Japan in the UK to plan the visit to the UK organisation.  We assisted the UK hosts in setting up the schedule and advising on presentation materials.  We also accompanied the Minister in the meeting.


Cross-Cultural Communication Management & Project Management between Japanese HQ and UK branch

At a Japanese technology company’s Headquarters and its UK branch, OBM has provided a series of seminars and hands-on training courses: -

- Seminars to explain the differences in business culture and in the decision making process between the UK and Japan and to advise on how to deal with the differences.

- Hands-on training courses on how to make collaboration projects successful, working as a team between the Headquarters and overseas branches

These seminars and training programmes helped our client to improve communication between the headquarters and UK branch and to carry out collaboration projects more effectively.


One-to-one Coaching to Executives

To the UK branches of the Japanese banks and manufactures, OBM has offered one-to-one coaching to Japanese and local executives to help them manage their team and develop their businesses.


Sales Training to Japanese and local staff members

OBM offered sales training to Japanese and local staff members of a Japanese manufacturer based in the UK.  Our training programme included the UK business customs, effective negotiation methods and how to turn negative situation into positive.  Our training helped the Japanese company to develop their business.


Appraisal scheme introduction and improvement

To Japanese banks and manufacturers, OBM helped introducing a new appraisal scheme or improving existing scheme.  When applying the appraisal scheme, we offered separate induction trainings to managers and staff.  By explaining the details of appraisal scheme and its benefits, we could avoid misunderstanding and introduction went smoothly.


Restructuring and Disciplinary Issues

To Japanese companies in the UK, when they faced restructuring and disciplinary issues, OBM not only provided advices but also acted as a mediator between a company and employees.  In some cases, we successfully avoided tribunals.


Paul Britton

Chief Executive

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to OBM, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) have established valuable new links with business, academia and government organisations in the Kansai region.

This culminated in the new “Memorandum for Mutual Cooperation” between Osaka Chamber of Commerce and TVCC and opens to the door to considerable future trade and investment opportunities between our two regions.

Michael Ayres

Deputy CEO


Dearman has worked with OBM since February 2014.

During that time they have helped the company identify numerous potential partners for development and deployment of our technology in Japan whilst introducing us to more than 20 Japanese corporate and government entities.

One of the most exciting business opportunities identified during this collaboration has been stationary generator based deployments of Dearman’s proprietary liquid air technology.

Over the coming year we will work closely with the contacts made and obm to try to develop long term projects to support our company’s technology development and deployment goals.

Quipper Ltd.

We are very happy with OBM’s high quality of services.

We received the essential support needed to start-up our business in the UK, including legal advice and consultation, human resources and recruitment support, an introduction to the financial services we needed and sales advice.

All of this has greatly reduced our costs and saved us time. We should like to continue to work with Oceanbridge Management.