Sector case studies: We identify and connect successful ideas in energy, mobility, health and technology from across the world that flourish and promote sustainable growth.

Japanese client looking to identify opportunities to introduce their new energy management system to the UK

OBM were briefed to find a real view of the UK energy industry including challenges, gaps in the market and future plans in discussion, using our expertise and wide network of connections. This work has enabled the future integration of the client’s technology with the UK energy system.

OBM is helping our client to use the insights gained in the UK market to extend the business model into new regions such as East Asia and Africa.

Program Management for Energy Flexibility Projects in the UK

Working with a UK based smart energy analytics start-up we provided program management for three Energy flexibility projects which demonstrate the use of local and distributed energy resources to facilitate the transition to an open market DSO model.

Creating partnerships between Japanese & UK innovators around

Electric Vehicles & Energy Management

OBM continues to provide end-to-end support to cement the trading relationship for a Japanese trading company and an innovative UK technology company around the big questions on developing the Electric Vehicles with optimal energy management systems at b2b and b2c levels. We conducted marketing analysis, created promotional materials, and have established robust business models and strategies. During the process, we have promoted collaboration between commercial/trade bodies, government and academic partners in order to widen the business opportunities.

Helping a UK based technology client develop commercial partnerships in Japan

Our client developed a zero carbon emission engine and OBM has helped them to identify numerous potential partners for development and deployment in Japan. We have connected them to more than 20 Japanese corporate and government entities. One of the most exciting business opportunities identified during this collaboration has been stationary generator-based deployments of the client’s technology into companies across Japan.

Connecting life sciences innovation startups through trade chamber presence

in Thames Valley and Kansai, Japan

One of the key sectors of our Thames Valley - Kansai regional partnership is in Life Sciences. OBM is working with potential collaborators in both regions to help develop joint innovations. Through our links with academia we have worked with a university health-tech spin-out, to attend The Global Innovation Forum in Osaka. Our clients have taken part in networking sessions arranged by us and follow-up B2B meetings to help cement their commercial deployment plans.

Technical Sales expertise to allow US tech startup to roll out in the UK

OBM has supported an American client which provides software solutions to optimize multi- network mobility in mobile telecoms. The client didn’t have any local technical sales resource in the UK and urgently needed to build sales in the region. OBM provided end-to-end management of all technical aspects for nominated customer accounts through the entire presales phase. OBM also provided account management support for customer accounts where the client lacked the experience to manage. In the first year, OBM’s support has helped secure several major sales opportunities.

Converting leads for tech startups to get past ‘concept’ phases in UK market

OBM has helped a UK based tech startup convert leads for it’s new software-based service. We provided support with solution sales and technical support of the software to enable several new sales opportunities and s allow rapid roll out of a new innovation.