Regional Trade and Investment Relationships

Connecting people and ideas is what drives us.

We believe the ideas can come from everywhere so we have created and supported an ecosystem of regional relationships, where government, industry and academia can collaborate and create new opportunities for your ideas to shape the world.

With the Thames Valley (UK) - Kansai (which includes Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto in Japan) Relationship,  OBM has brought together two regions with the second largest economies in their countries respectively.

In 2014, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) leading to various delegations and trade missions, from startups to large multinationals to both regions.

OBM are instrumental in such trade missions, providing hands-on support from recruiting, company selection process, arranging pitch opportunities and networking sessions, B2B meetings, cultural and language translation and follow-up meetings.

The Thames Valley and Kansai regional relationship continues to be supported by both UK and Japanese government organisations, local authorities, Chambers of Commerce, business associations, Universities and many more. A virtual team, working with people across all the organisations involved has made this relationship stronger. At OBM we are very pleased to see the new business opportunities and collaborations which continue to emerge from this regional tie.

If you would like to talk to us about visiting Japan – or any other country - as part of a trade delegation or if you would like to know any further information about the regional relationships, please feel free to contact us.