We identify and connect successful ideas in Energy, Mobility, Health and Technology from across the world

that flourish and promote sustainable growth.


We identify insights into new markets

  • In depth research and investigation
  • Expertise across mobility, energy, health & tech areas
  • Real life case studies demonstrating success


We connect people and ideas

  • Trade Chamber Partnerships including: Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Collaborators in specialist areas
  • Working relationships with academia and government


We support innovation at product and market levels

  • Working with partners to connect ideas
  • Assisting innovators to find new markets
  • Creating insights based new product development

From advice, through to investigation, regulation, ideas and organizational, sales & marketing delivery we can help you connect innovations and opportunities across the world.

We identify business and technology,

connect people, and innovate business for clients, crossing borders

and industries.  

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Regional Trade & 

Investment Relationships

We establish regional relationships such as the one between Thames Valley (UK) and Kansai (Japan). Under a regional partnership, we support government-industry-academia collaboration and exchanges and

create new business opportunities.
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Our knowledge of sector specific regulations & legislation allow us to smooth the way to successful market


Our rigorous, grassroots approach to insights development ensure no opportunities are left uncovered.

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We provide training courses, coaching and seminars to help you understand the cultural differences in cross border business and so maximise relationships and success in new market ventures.

  • For local staff
  • For Japanese managers in overseas offices and Japanese HQ
  • For Japanese executives
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Organisational Development & HR


We help you create physical and virtual organisations in harmony with the markets you enter. As the world continues to change, we help you train, manage and adapt your people to achieve international success.

  • Organisational Development
  • Human Resources
  • Life & Career coaching for Japanese  spouses who accompany their partner’s secondment overseas
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Bilingual Support for Business


As a ‘business interpreter’ we help you

develop ideas and strategies for Trade Missions and Exhibitions in new markets using OBMs language and business expertise.

Our hands-on experience of markets and businesses across the world mean we can help create bi-lingual and culturally sensitive sales materials that really work.

We have a specialism in Japanese-UK sales & marketing strategy and collateral creation.

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