Market Entry and Business Development

Business across cultural boundaries is not straightforward. The differences reveal potential. 

The similarities help build bridges. Identifying these sets up success.

You are a successful UK or European business considering expansion in Japan. Or you may be an established Japanese enterprise or start-ups looking at routes to expansion in the UK and Europe. In the areas where we focus; energy, mobility, health and technology (AI, IoT and Mobile), it is more likely that you will need a partner at the other end of the market and we will help find you potential partners.

We also support deploying technologies, products and services developed under such partnerships to third countries such as South East Asia and Africa.

Identify potential opportunities

When we work with you, we always start by understanding your requirements. It is vital that we focus on the big picture:- to understand your corporate vision and strategy, as well as a specific project or requirement, in order to identify the right business / technology and potential partners for you.

New market entry

We specialise in providing comprehensive support for your market entry into Japan or the UK. Starting from market analysis, we identify potential partners including industry, government and academia. Then we establish strategies and implement your business plan, connecting you to new partners and ideas. We help you make cultural diversity flourish in your business through our cross-cultural communication programmes, and establish your new team through our organisational development and HR support.

New projects

We support Japanese businesses who already have an established entity in the UK. We help you identify and connect with potential business and research partners, both for commercial and academic opportunities. When people are well connected, we can create innovative ideas and business models.

Open Innovation & Technology Transfer

We support open innovation and technology transfer projects through our extensive connections with public organisations, investors, start-up communities, and universities. We match companies wishing to identify a novel and innovative technology with potential partners or universities. This includes investment, technology licensing, and collaborative R&D.

If you would like to talk to us regarding market entry and business development, or if you would like to know any further information, please feel free to contact us.