OCEAN BRIDGE MANAGEMENT is a successful business specializing in international trade relations, business partnership enablement and cross-cultural networks. We identify and connect successful ideas in energy, mobility, health and technology from across the world that flourish and promote sustainable growth.


We have worked with small, medium and large corporates, governments and academia over the last 25 years and have specialised in UK-Japanese deals. Our focus today is on building bridges and regional relationships between businesses in the UK and across the world to develop trade especially in the energy, mobility, health and transport sectors.  


From advice, through to investigation, regulation, ideas and organizational, sales & marketing delivery we can help you identify, connect and grow innovations and opportunities across the world.



We believe business is about people and ideas in partnership.

When we connect on a human level we connect ideas that flourish and promote sustainable growth. At Ocean Bridge Management we work to join ideas and people from across the world so we can best help build the bridges to success. 


We are HUMAN CENTRIC - we are always looking for ways to bring people together.


We build RELATIONSHIPS – connecting people & ideas on a personal level.


We are DEDICATED – we dig deep and go wide in all our work.


We are EQUAL – ideas can come from all. We ask ourselves ‘will we leave the world in a better place?'


We are OPTIMISTIC and BRAVE – a positive, can-do approach makes anything possible.




CEO & Founder

Masako has over 25 years of experience in managing bilateral business relationships including Japan-US, Japan- Asia and Japan- the UK/Europe under her belt.


After Masako cemented a track record in managing joint ventures and alliance partnerships at the Japan branch of EG&G Inc., she moved on to be Head of the Japan office of Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE:IM) in 2000 and in 2002 relocated to Ingram Micro UK where she oversaw senior-level project management and supply chain management for European level projects.


Masako founded Ocean Bridge Management (OBM) in 2010 with the vision of “Transforming the unknown to success”.


Masako realised that the most important element in achieving successful global business is to connect ideas with markets and partners. This requires an in-depth awareness of the presence of a potential partners and an understanding of how business is done at micro and macro levels.  This Japanese and cultural heritage approach to professional and personal ways to do business is what makes OBM unique. Since 2012, Masako has worked to create an ecosystem to forge business opportunities between the UK and Japan and established a regional link between Thames Valley (UK) and Kansai (Japan) with an MoU (memorandum of understanding) between Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) and Osaka Chamber of Commerce (OCCI) for the continued activation of businesses across the globe.


Masako also holds the positions of the Head of Japan Desk, TVCC,  Project Coordinator of OCCI (sponsored by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) JETRO London Energy Sector Advisor, and International Business Advisor for the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan. 


She continues to support many government organisations, companies and universities both in the UK and Japan for trading, inward investment and collaboration between the two countries, particularly in cross-industry technologies related to energy, mobility, health, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 


Masako is driven by an energy to see great ideas meet great partners from across the world.



Michael brings 25 years of experience to OBM working in the telecommunications, internet technologies and the optoelectronics sectors in engineering, product management and business development roles, with a variety of high tech companies from across the world including India, USA and Europe.  


Michael provides technology focused companies with advice and support on new business development, program management and how to sell new technologies to SME clients and potential investors and partners. Scalability of concept is a challenge faced by many technology startups; Michael specialises in helping these businesses navigate planning to growth. Before starting at OBM, Michael was one of the founder members of a UK photonics start-up which successfully went to IPO.


Michael has a BSc in Physics from the University of Loughborough, an MSc in Optoelectronics and Telecommunications from the University of Essex and LAAS/CNRS Toulouse and is a Chartered member of the Institute of Physics.




Megumi specialises in business development and market research, including strategic and regulatory aspects.  She brings experience and insights from a wide range of industries to the OBM family : - IT, financial, automobile, pharmaceutical, utility and energy. 


After working with Nissan Motors’ headquarters in Tokyo, she moved to the US and obtained her Ph.D in telecommunications policy at Michigan State University. She worked for Kalba Bowen Associates (US), then moved to the UK and worked for Putnam Hayes & Bartlett, Nomura Research Institute Europe, and Globalcom as a senior consultant. She has carried out projects for companies such as NTT DoCoMo, Screen Digest (UK), IDATE (France),and Fujitsu (Europe).


Until June 2018 she taught at Linton School of Global Business at Hannam University in South Korea. Her specialisms included artificial intelligence, blockchain, communication technology; media economics (film, music, gaming, publishing, tourism) and China’s soft/hard power, and global influence. 



Brian has worked in the UK energy industry for over 40 years. He is a trained power engineer and has held various senior management, grid network design and innovation roles while working for Scottish Hydro Electric and SSE plc. 


Brian is still involved in numerous UK utility industries working groups and, therefore, understands how the industry works.  His extensive experience in supporting UK and multinational companies, in the areas of sustainable developments, smart grid, electric vehicles and renewables brings valuable know how to OBM projects here in the UK and overseas.

Brian's other roles include Director of Shewan Associates, Associate Director of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Chair of local council’s Energy and Climate Change committee. Brian is senior research fellow at the Energy and Climate Change Division at the University of Southampton; this and other links to academia ensure ideas are always flowing.




David has over 40 years of experience in the electricity supply industry as a Chartered Electrical Engineer at UK distribution network operators (DNO) , the energy regulator (Ofgem), BC Hydro (Canada), and General Electric.


While at Ofgem, David supported the technical review of network companies, including all of GB’s Transmission and Distribution businesses. 


He has also been involved in DNOs' innovation projects including Lead Technical Architect on SSE’s Thames Valley Vision.


At present, David advises on a Smart Energy Network Demonstrator project at Keele University and supports DNO to develop new analysis methods for smart metering data directed at detecting high technical and non-technical losses. He also supports generation investors on opportunities to connect to the DNO networks. David's experience of the whole energy ecosystem makes him an ideal partner for OBM in taking ideas on sustainable energy around the world. 


David also is a member of the CIRED international conference GB organising committee.




Nick is an experienced analyst and communications consultant covering health policy and the healthcare technology sectors in the UK and across Europe.


He began his career eight years ago as a health policy journalist, covering developments in England’s National Health Service for an audience of UK policymakers and healthcare management readers across both the public and private sectors. Specialist areas included primary care policy, technology and NHS procurement, and public sector finance. Nick’s work has been cited in research papers by a range of leading UK-based policy think tanks, including The Kings Fund, Reform and The Fabian Society.


He has also worked for the Acuris Group financial newswire service sourcing proprietary research and insight on mergers and acquisitions within the healthcare, life sciences and industrials sectors across Europe and North America.


OBM draws on Nicks insights into these sectors to help a range of healthcare and health technology clients better focus their marketing and business development efforts in the UK and internationally. He has helped clients like Samsung Business UK’s healthcare division, Allocate Software, Chubb Insurance, and a range of health tech solutions providers.


Nick holds a master’s degree in Newspaper Journalism from City University London, and an undergraduate degree in History and Social Sciences from the University of Manchester.



Akiko has been an award winning international sales and business executive for over 45 years at companies such as Panasonic and Sharp in Japan and the UK.


Akiko provides seminars, training and coaching to improve global business skills at many multinational companies, including Fujitsu, Toshiba, Hitachi and NTT Docomo in partnership with OBM and continues to lecture at several universities both in and outside the UK. 


Akiko contributes to WWII reconciliation between the UK and Japan, as the chairman of the Burma Campaign Society and her activities have drawn the attention of BBC, international media and with NHK (Japan) where she has made a documentary about Kohima.



SENIOR SPECIALIST, HR and Operational Strategy

Christina’s specialism is strategically connecting business between emerging and developed markets. She brings 25 years of experience in international business, working alongside global brand directors and the public sector to OBM projects. 


She identifies projects, trusted business and diplomatic relationships and advises on new market strategies and in-market strategic partners. Current projects include hi-tech innovations, new market entry, transformational change and corporate psychology, including development of a human-centric style of leadership and emotionally intelligent in-company talent. Her clients are currently based in Latin America, Eastern Europe and The Middle East.


As President of The International Club of Leaders for Europe Business Assembly, she travels globally and speaks on influential and human-centric leadership.   She lived in Asia for six years promoting opportunities with British-based business and is currently based in the UK.




Rachel is a specialist in driving operational effectiveness and aligning transitions with strategic direction. Rachel has 15 years experience delivering strategic initiatives for technology companies. 


Having started her career as an in-house lawyer in the UK, Rachel's transition to directing commercial and operational functions allowed her to combine her deep legal understanding with strategic acumen to provide valuable insights and drive meaningful change for businesses. Working with large corporate organizations such as lastminute.com and Travelocity in Europe and Sabre in the US, Rachel has substantial B2B and B2C experience. She has led and negotiated M&A transactions in fast paced, high growth environments and has worked across global markets to integrate operations, culture and ensure brand congruence. 


Rachel is currently based in San Francisco. As a director of New World Insight, Rachel is primarily responsible for business operations and growth of the Silicon Valley presence and provides an important partnership for OBM in North America.

Ikuko Derry


Ikuko is Head of Translation and Interpreting at OBM. She has been based in the U.K. for 25 years. She is a language and communication expert, working as a conference and business interpreter with over 20 years of experience. While she was studying in the U.S., the Gulf war broke out. As she engaged herself in debates and discussions, she came to the realization “At the root of these global issues such as racism, trade conflict, cross-cultural communication issues and so forth, there is a lack of mutual understanding. I would like to become a bridge to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.”


With this determination, she attended a interpreters’ training institute in Japan and started to work as an interpreter. Her clients give unreserved accolades and say: “Ikuko is a remarkable communicator who not just translates the words but conveys our heart and intention in the most appropriate manner to facilitate the communication.” She is also well-versed in global business customs and culture thanks to her experiences of working in corporate worlds, both in Japan and the U.K.


OBM recently undertook the insightful Japanese translation project - “APC Technology Roadmap 2020”, which featured the future of low carbon technology in automotive sector. Ikuko as a head, led a team of translators and delivered a top-quality translation for the Japanese audience. Her journey to be the ‘bridge’ continues.



As a qualified Career Consultant, Naoko supports Japanese companies and individuals to achieve life-work balance, career development and to enrich their lifestyle at home and overseas.


After she graduated from University, Naoko worked with the Japanese company, Recruit, and developed her career in various departments such as sales, business development, marketing and training. 


Following this she worked with an NPO, an Educational organisation, and several startup companies, where she supported organisational management in different types of businesses.


Naoko also resided outside of Japan for 7 years due to her husband’s work, which made her realise the challenging situation spouses face due to a secondment of their partner.


Drawing from her own experience, together with her Career Consultant qualification, Naoko provides lifestyle and career coaching for people whose spouse are seconded overseas - a valuable, human level part of the OBM service as ideas cross cultural and geographical boundaries.