Automating the entire modelling  process for simulation

We are pleased to announce that we have become the official distributor in the UK and Europe for Integral Technology Ltd., an innovative Japanese provider of CAE(*) automation which drastically improves modelling quality and reduces time spent on design and simulation.  (* CAE: Computer Aided Engineering)

Integral Technology supports manufacturers to achieve time and cost savings and improve design quality

Meshing plays a vital part of the engineering simulation process but it is  time-consuming and its quality influences the accuracy, convergence and speed of the simulation.

Integral Technology’s  CAE Automation software can :


üSave time and costs              Vehicle body 1wk⇨ 10 hours,  Resin parts 3wks⇨ 10 hours
üAutomate the entire process  (after CAD input to the final report)
üProvide consistent, accurate and reliable output 

Integral Technology’s software can automate the entire process from CAD input through final reporting

Integral Technology’s solution adds two key new features into the CAE process.


The first of these is to automatically review and modify CAD lines and the second is to assemble CAD parts, supported by Integral Technology’s patented shape recognition algorithm and parallel processing technologies.

Modelling time can be reduced typically by 80%

Case study for an Automotive OEM. 

Product range

No changes are needed on your existing CAD system.

Simply install into your local system or your server on the cloud.

Our Customers

“From my own experience in designing and modelling over the last 30 years, I understand that the modelling process is time-consuming and meshing quality is not necessarily  consistent.  These are real challenges for manufacturers when they are under pressure to release new models more quickly than before.  Based on our strong passion to help manufactures to increase productivity and safety of their products, we developed our software. Since we were established in 2007, we have been trusted by Japanese major manufacturers including automotive OEMs. We are pleased to announce that, with OBM, our official distributor, now we can support companies in the UK and Europe.” says, Hirokazu Nishimura, CEO and Founder, Integral Technology.

Integral Technology website:

Integral Technology News in the UK and Europe

1 April 2021

Integral Technology appointed Ocean Bridge Management as the official distributor in the UK and Europe.


15 April 2021

Integral Technology was selected by the Japanese Cabinet Office to represent Japanese startups and 

presented at Techstars Acceleration Programme on the 15th April 2021.

Here is a link to the pitch video.


19 April 2021

Integral Technology is registered as a supplier at SMMT’s Meet the Buyer eventWe are looking forward to meeting with

Buyers from the automotive industry.


26 April 2021

Integral Technology is registered as a supplier at Made Smarterthe UK government led platform to digitalise manufacturing.


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