From the UK to Japan, exhibiting at “Smart Energy Week 2018”

05 March 2018

From the 28th February to the 2nd March, our clients OKAYA & CO., LTD and Crowd Charge Ltd co-exhibited in the Smart Energy Week 2018 in Tokyo.


This partnership derives from an existing partnership between OKAYA & CO., LTD, Nichicon Corporation and DriveElectric Ltd, which was established in September 2017 where the three companies agreed to bring Nichicon’s V2G chargers to the UK market.  In this new partnership, OKAYA & CO., LTD and Crowd Charge Ltd (100% subsidiary of DriveElectric Ltd.) will work together to introduce the Crowd Charge’s services to Japan.


Crowd Charge Ltd. has developed an energy management system called the Crowd Charge platform, which controls EV charge timing, making the most of energy stored in EV batteries.  This platform is beneficial for many scenarios including V1G (smart charging), V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) and has been used in Electric Nations, which is the largest trial in the world where 700 EVs are involved.


The Japanese energy industry is facing some challenges whilst the FIT (Feed-In Tariff) for residential solar generation will be terminated 2019 and EV and PHV are expected to increase.  At the OKAYA & Crowd Charge stand in the Smart Energy Week 2018, we received many visitors including Network operators, EV OEMs and car sharing management companies and received considerably higher interest than we had anticipated.


OBM supported meetings at the stand and outside of the exhibition with Japanese companies and government officials. In addition OBM provided the design of the exhibition panel contents and the Japanese subtitles on the promotional video.


The same team will exhibit again in the Smart Energy Week 2018 Osaka on the 26th-28th September 2018.  We look forward to seeing you again there.