International Technology Conference

05 May 2018

On the 3rd May, the International Technology Conference was held, hosted by Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Every year, the conference features the latest technology trends, business models, challenges and solutions in the UK.  It was the 5th conference this year and there were over 200 guests from government organisations, industry and acedemia, all actively networking and trying out new technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), during lunch time and coffee breaks.


This year, subjects included Technology entrepreneurship, Spin-out, Spin-in and Innovation in an organisation.  As an example of new technology application to a practical business, case studies of AR (Augmented Reality) were introduced.  Panelists also discussed how we should embrace new technologies and how we can help the next generation to become creative and innovative thinkers in the midst of this fast-changing society.


Every year we have guests from the Japanese government and companies,  and have received fantastic feedback from them.   We hope that more Japanese companies based not only in the Thames Valley but anywhere in the UK will join us.  You don’t have to be a member of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.