OBM signed Strategic Partnership with CloserStill Media to support “SMART IOT 2019”

30 October 2018

Joh Davy, Director, CloserStill Media

Masako Eguchi-Bacon, Managing Director, OBM


OBM signed a strategic partnership with CloserStill Media Ltd, who hosts “SMART IOT”, one of the largest IOT exhibitions in the UK.

SMART IOT 2019 will be held on the 12th and 13th March 2019 at ExCel London and both companies will support sponsors and exhibitors from, but not limited to, Japan and the UK. 


The exhibition this year recorded nearly 20,000 visitors from 62 different countries and over 500 exhibitors (out of which over 200 were IOT related), which included large multinationals, SMEs and Startups.  

SMART IOT 2019 will invite keynote speakers from different cities in the world to showcase Smart City using IOT.  There will also be a designated area for startups with innovative technologies, which is useful not only for startups but also for investors looking for novel companies.


Here is some information about the SMART IOT exhibition.

SMART IOT 2019 website:  https://www.smartiotlondon.com

SMART IOT 2018 highlights video:  https://www.smartiotlondon.com/2018-programme-highlights


SMART IOT 2019 brochure. Click the green button below to download. 

SMART_IOT_2019 (EN).pdf
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