Online buyer matching event targets Japanese food and drinks market 11th -16th March 2021

Registration deadline: 18th February 2021

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4 Februuary 2021

To expand and promote overseas exports of foods and beverages made in Japan, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce (OCCI), in collaboration with the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC), will be running an online matching event. Aimed at targeting overseas buyers, the event will further strengthen the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the two countries.

Set to take place between the 11th -16th March 2021, UK and European buyers will have the opportunity to book meetings with potential suppliers and view a wide range of Japanese food and drinks (excluding fresh food). 


Previous buyer events products have included: Green tea, Japanese brown tea (Hojicha), Herbal tea, Matcha (a concentrated green tea which is very high in antioxidants), Sake, Fruit wine, Yuzu (Japanese citrus) juice and liquor and Japanese cane sugar.


Traditional Japanese sweets include sweet bean paste, processed rice products such as rice crackers, sesame related products, dried sea vegetables such as Kombu (used to provide the umami taste in cooking) and dried fruits. 


Masako Eguchi-Bacon, Managing Director of Ocean Bridge Management said: “Japanese food and drinks are getting more popular in Europe. The free trade agreement between UK and Japan, which came into effect on the 1st January 2021, will encourage more trade between the two countries.”


Mr Taro Fukuda, Manager at the International Division at OCCI mentioned: “Osaka has long been known as the “nation’s kitchen” in Japan, where a variety of gourmet food and drink traders are located.  This matching event will be a great opportunity for UK and European buyers to find Japanese suppliers in the food and drink sector.”


A recruitment deadline has been set for the 18th February 2021. During this time, OCCI aims to establish the types of products buyers are interested in. Once confirmed, Japanese organisers will identify suitable suppliers who match the requirement before the virtual meetings take place in March.


The four-day event is sponsored by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI); Industrial Scholarship Center (ISC), EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation / Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)


To book onto a meeting interested buyers should fill in the application form as below and send it to Mr. Taro Fukuda, International Division of OCCI or Ms. Miryung Cho, International Division of OCCI .


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