Let’s just look forward.  We will find a way.

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24 December 2020

It’s been an unprecedented year.

One after the other, challenges beyond our control have occurred and we just had to deal with them, which has been difficult for many.


However, despite the situation where everything seemed to have stopped, people have thought creatively, helped each other and overcome such hurdles.


These exceptional circumstances have also taught us that we are more capable than we had thought and that small things we had dismissed are so valuable for us.


When we face hardship, we tend to look down.

You may not have the energy to look up.

But let’s just look forward.

Then we will find a way.


We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us throughout this year. 

In the new year, let’s walk together, look forward, and find exciting things.


Wishing you a peaceful and heartwarming Christmas and New Year.