New Article "Post-Election Update and its impact on Brexit and UK-Japan Business"

06 January 2020

The Conservative Party has won the 2019 UK General election and parliament has begun the process of approving the Government’s Brexit bill.  We take a look at the story so far, and what we can expect to happen in 2020, including its impact on the UK-Japan relationship.

• Why there was General Election?

• How did the main parties position themselves?

• Results of the 2019 General Election

• What does the election result mean for the Brexit process?

• Reactions from Japanese companies so far

• How is future trade with Japan affected?


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020

23 December 2019

At the end of the year, the UK politics has got out of its gridlock and the UK is heading for Brexit on the 31st January 2020.   We shall keep a close eye on the progress and identify its impact to the UK-Japan relationship.


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Half- day Course “How to Sell in Japan” on 15 January 2020

11 December 2019

OBM, in association with the Japan Desk of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce is offering a half-day course “How to sell in Japan” on the 15th January 2020.  This course is designed for British companies who are considering expanding their business to Japan, or who are already trading in/with Japan and would like to improve their business.


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New Article "Japanese Businesses and the UK’s Future Economy"

08 November 2019

OBM was honoured to be invited to the ‘Japanese Businesses and the UK's Future Economy’ event which was co-hosted by the Embassy of Japan in the UK and the British-Japanese Parliamentary Group, on 29th October.

In this article we summarise the areas of collaboration between Japan and the UK and the similarities in their respective industrial strategies.


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OBM signs a partner agreement with London Tech Show across its whole tech portfolio

12 October 2019

Oceanbridge Management (OBM) is pleased to announce that it will partner with the London Tech Show to facilitate UK-Japan trade.  The London Tech Show forms the largest cluster of tech events in the UK (Data Centre World, Cloud Expo Europe, Cyber Security, Devops Live, Big Data & AI World, Smart IoT and Blockchain World). 


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RAMS RFC Business Breakfast – Business Growth During Change on the 9th October

05 October 2019

For the first time, the Rugby World Cup comes to Asia.  This year it is being held in Japan.  The pool stage matches are currently being played across the country in 12 host cities, from Sapporo to Oita.
RAMS RFC will host a business breakfast on the 9th October and we will share our views on connection between Rugby and business.


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OUI (Oxford University Innovation) Seminar in Osaka on the 10th October

03 October 2019

Our MD Masako Eguchi-Bacon will give a talk at the OUI (Oxford University Innovation) seminar " Oxford University's Intellectual Property strategy and spinouts from the University - Ecosystem in Thames Valley - " in Osaka on the 10th October. 

Masako will talk about the fast-growing Thames Valley region, where OUI is based, and the regional partnership between Thames Valley and Kansai. 


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Global Innovation Forum 2019 in Osaka (10-11 October 2019)

08 August 2019

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and O-BIC (Osaka Business and Investment Centre) will host the Global Innovation Forum 2019 on the 10th and 11th October.  Masako Eguchi-Bacon, MD of OBM, also the Japan Desk representative of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC), has supported the selection process.  Out of over 60 applicants across the world, two technology start-ups from the Thames Valley region, ZapGo and Helix Technologies, were selected.


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BBC Interview Japanese business culture – Work Style Reform

05 April 2019    

In the UK, there is strong interest in Japan.  Japanese culture and business are often featured on radio and TV.

On the 3rd April, our MD Masako Eguchi-Bacon was interviewed by the BBC radio programme, “BBC Scotland Kaye Adams Show”, and talked about Japanese corporate culture.

The programme explained that Japan has made its Working Style Reform legislation effective on the 1st April.  It is beyond belief for people in the UK and Europe that a very long-hour working week has been normal in Japan for decades.  “Karoshi – death by overwork” has only recently been recognised as a serious social issue and the government had to impose legislation to prevent it.


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BBC interview on the EU-Japan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement)

01 February 2019    

The EU-Japan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) became effective on the 1st February.  

Our Managing Director Masako Eguchi-Bacon was interviewed by the BBC to share her view and expertise, and the interview was broadcast on the “BBC Business Matters” programme on the 1st February 2019.

Under the EU-Japan EPA, about 30% of global GDP has become a free trade zone.  This agreement will certainly strengthen the tie between the EU and Japan and encourage both trade and investment.  Another important fact is that common rules including intellectual property and data distribution were established under this agreement, which will influence global standards and regulations.


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